Weekend in Omaha…Zoo Time!

Last weekend was another patent pending Frost family whirlwind trip, this time to Omaha.  I actually took Friday off of work for Elena’s first trip to Omaha.  The main reason for taking off work was to take the Outback in to have a trailer hitch installed, they are not open on Saturdays.  I also used this trip to break-in our new roof cargo carrier, as I have stated a number of times already…yes, we are those people.  In all honesty we probably don’t need it but I wanted it.  I put the stroller and our suitcase up there with plenty of room to spare, I will be writing a full review of the pod as well as the trailer hitch soon, I know you are all excited.
Anyway, back to our weekend.  Friday afternoon we took our first family trip to the zoo. For those not familiar with Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo, it is truly a world-class zoo and if you get a chance, go, it is well worth it.  On the day we visited it was nearly 727 degrees outside.  We mostly visited the indoor, air-conditioned exhibit,obviously Elena is a little too young to do anything but stare at the top of her stroller and sleep but it was good practice for navigating through crowded spaces with a stroller…I only hit one person in the back of the leg.
On Saturday morning we went down to visit Elena’s Great-grandparents along with Granny, Aunt Jamie, and Lucas.  It was nice to see three generations in the same room.  Sunday we were all able to get on the road fairly early, it was nice to get back home after a long weekend with time to relax, before starting back to work.

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