Professional…me?, why not?

Last week I officially registered for the Principles and Practice of Engineering exam, which is the last, 8 hour 80 question, step to becoming a Licensed Professional Engineer.  Becoming a Professional Engineer is something I have wanted to do since college and it is not as simple as just taking a test.  First off I had to graduate with a degree in engineering, BSME from the University of Nebraska, check.  Secondly,  I had to take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, this an eight hours exam consisting of 80 questions covering the brevity of my education.  I took this test in October of 2004, it was the most difficult exam I had ever taken and I walked away positive that I had failed it miserably…but I didn’t,  I passed!  Now, after the required five years of working experience, step three, I was able to submit an application to the Nebraska Board of Engineers for permission to take the PE exam.  The board approved my application and I will be taking the exam on April 8th.  Now I just have to spend the next three months studying.

On a similar note, after nearly two years of working as a contractor, I have accepted a permanent position with CNH, doing the exact same thing I have been doing for the last two years.  I was required to submit an application and resume and am going to be getting all new sign-ins and passwords… for a job I am already doing. My “start” date is Monday Dec 20th, of course I will still be there from now until Friday Dec 17th.  The benefit of being a permanent employee is, benefits!  CNH has very good insurance and as a new father, I all of a sudden care a lot more about that.


3 Responses to “Professional…me?, why not?”

  1. Eliot Says:

    Wasn’t it 2004? we graduated in 2005

  2. Ryan Frost Says:

    Yes, 2004. I am sure glad someone is fact checking for me…and spell checking…and proof reading

  3. Mark (Grandpa) Says:

    Congratulations Ryan! Since Eliot has not USED his degree, does it really matter what year it was?

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