They can rebuild me, They have the technology

Ok, maybe reworking defective parts is a more actuate statement, either way last friday I got shot in the face with a laser and it gave me super powers.

So far my super powers have been; the ability to wake up and not grope around for my glasses, inevitably knocking them on the floor then falling out of bed trying to reach them, get ready for bed by just brushing my teeth, and read my alarm clock at 3 a.m. without having to press it against my nose, which has become more of a necessity lately. Yes, last friday I had lasik surgery to correct my atrocious vision and it is one of the greatest decision I have ever made!

The surgery was surprisingly easy, I was at the clinic for about three and half hours but the actually surgery only took about 20 minutes.  Before the surgery they offer Valium, I would suggest this, not because it is painful but it is a little intense kind of like what I would image getting abducted by aliens would look like.  I was awake and could “see” everything as well as hear the laser popping and smell it burning off a layer of my eye.  Though I do make that all sound awful I would do it again in a heart beat because after 20 minutes of discomfort,  I…could…see!!!

I had to use some medicated drops the day before and about a week after and had to sleep in some sweet goggles, so my eyes didn’t fall out I guess.  I had my follow-up eye exam today and my vision is 20/20, me with 20/20 vision!  Anyway if you can’t tell I am excited about my new-found sight and would recommend it to anyone.  For those who are interested I had it done in Omaha at Nebraska Laser Eye Associates and cost $1750 per eye, I was able to get a 15% discount because I had vision insurance, so I ended up paying $2950 for the entire thing.

Money well spent!


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