Dog Poop + Car = Late For Work

I left the garage door open one night(I do this a lot) and a stray dog wondered in. When Gillian was getting in her car she noticed the dog and came in to tell me… and left the car door open. This is where this dog thought the safest place in the garage was. When I tried to get the dog out it bit me and pooped…twice!! Long story short; Gillian drove my truck to work so she wouldn’t be late, I found the owner’s house and after three tries, woke him up to return the dog and was only 15 minutes late for my job.  Of course Gillian blames me for everything.


3 Responses to “Dog Poop + Car = Late For Work”

  1. Ben Says:

    I can’t decide if that dog looks really creepy or just sad in the picture.

  2. Santi Says:

    I’m gonna go with Retzer on this one. That dog is creepy as shit.

  3. Sarah Says:

    I think that Mr. BarkyVonpoopsmith looks as if he needs a bath! Are you guys updated on your shots?

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