2 Years

Yesterday was my two year anniversary working for Chief Automotive Technologies, as a Design Engineer. I am the companies first MyQC Quality Champion. MyQC is a new program the company started to try to improve the quality of our products. This poster was hanging up around work for a whole month, I also got a plaque. It is kind of like employee of the month, it is kind of BS. I dodge a bullet about 6 months ago, the company had layoffs and the other design engineer got axed. I am currently the only design engineer and after the last 6 months of not knowing if I am going to have a job tomorrow, I am finally designing some new products. Of course upper management wants a working prototype to show at NACE, in a month and a half and I just started drawing concepts…yea!


3 Responses to “2 Years”

  1. Santi Says:

    as Demetri would say, you are a winner and a looser at the same time!

  2. Mom Says:

    That’s my Baby Boy!!

  3. Deja vu « Frozenrobot Says:

    […] the last year or so I have become increasingly more worried about my job security at Chief Automotive, not so much worried that I would get laid off but that the company […]

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