New Tattoo!

Yesterday I finally got the gear tattoo I have been meaning to get for 3 years. Gillian forced me to go in and make an appointment last week. I got my crossed hockey stick tattoo about 7 years ago at Villain’s in Omaha . I got the gear done at Smokin Joe’s Tattoo, here in Grand Island, I think they did a really great job. All the red marks around the gear are from the tape used to hold the bandage on. Yes, the tattoo is fine but tape gives me a rash!

3 Responses to “New Tattoo!”

  1. New Tattoo « Frozenrobot | RobotSkirts Says:

    […] New Tattoo « Frozenrobot My college roommate, Frosty, has started blogging. […]

  2. MG driver Says:

    The gear would have been even better on on your head 🙂

  3. Mom Says:

    i think your next tatoo should say “MOM”

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