Chris and Kathleen’s Wedding

Last weekend was Chris and Kathleen’s wedding…it was awesome!
Gillian met Kathleen when she started in the Occupational Therapy program at Creighton University.  Gillian and Kathleen soon became good friends and luckily all four of us got along very well.  Kathleen and Chris are technically “High School Sweethearts” but they dated for seven years, so the general consensus is “it was about damn time”!
Gillian and I where both part of the wedding party, I always knew Gillian would be in Kathleen’s wedding but I was surprised and honored that Chris asked me to be one of his groom’s men.   We drove from G.I. to Denver on Thursday for the Bachelor Party, yes I wore the tuxedo t-shirt.  The weekend started on Friday with a “meet and greet”, then the wedding rehearsal, followed by the rehearsal dinner.  The wedding was on Saturday, a nice Catholic wedding followed by pictures, pictures, and more pictures.  The reception was back at the hotel, they had some of the greatest wedding food I have ever had!  On Sunday there was a breakfast buffet before heading back to Nebraska, Gillian bought a book for the ride.  All in all it was a great time and we are very happy to see those two get hitched…finally.
Official Engagement Photos
My photos of the wedding – Mostly blurry, sorry

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