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March 22, 2012


How the hell did this happen!?! I’m 30…30.

There is a party planned for Saturday and I had my final hockey game of the season tonight, so I really didn’t do much, except play hockey…we lost.

I did bring doughnuts to work and celebrated by eating four of them before having lunch at Qdoba will Gillian.  Elena also made me a birthday card at daycare, I think there was  more paint on her arms, shirt and pants then there was  on the card, it was very cute.

I am very proud of things I have accomplished in my 30 years but at the same time I have this overwhelming fear that time is slipping away, so look out for me to do something excessively ambitious and/or expensive.

Like last year I would like to  impart some piece of wisdom to my “readers”…can I call you guys readers?  Anyway, all I got is,” don’t wait, do it now, whatever it is!”  Also, as I look at  the picture above I realize three things; I’ve lost a lot of hair, a lot of weight  and own a lot of green T-shirts.

P.S. Thanks everyone for all the birthday well wishes!


Family Vacation: Emerald Isle, NC

June 22, 2011

I know we have been to Omaha and Lincoln a number of times and even out to Denver once as a family, but our trip last week to The Outer Banks of North Carolina is what I am calling our first family vacation and not only a vacation but an adventure, an adventure in parenting.


The PE Exam: My Brain Hurts

April 9, 2011

Yesterday I packed up all my books and drove to Lincoln for the Professional Engineering Exam. The four hour morning session over general mechanical engineering started at 7:15am so I had to leave the house at 5:30am. The morning session consisting of 40 questions over a wide range of mechanical engineering topics, went fairly well. There was a lot of HVAC questions…I don’t like HVAC. We were give a one hour lunch break then, the four hour afternoon session covering a more specific area of engineering started, for me it was Mechanical Systems and Materials. The afternoon test was more difficult than I thought it would be and on hour seven I was starting to run out of time and just ended up guess on a couple that I really didn’t know how to do anyway. All in all I think I think is could go either way, I feel much better then I did after taking the FE exam and I passed that one, but I think this one may be graded harder.

Thanks for everyones well wishes and support, now I have 8-10 weeks to wait until I get the results.

October Already?

October 5, 2010

Ok, so I have done these “where has the time gone” posts a few time before  and I think now that I have a daughter they are even more cliche but I have a number of things to blog about an if I try to make each one its own post it just plan won’t happen.  So here we go I apologize in advance if I forget something and as always the horrible grammar.


Nebraska State Fair

September 19, 2010
This year was the first year for the Nebraska State Fair to be held in Grand Island Nebraska. The State Fair had previously been held in Lincoln since 1901 and the move to Grand Island was quite the controversy here in the midwest.  It was officially announced  a little over a year ago that the fair was coming and ever since these huge red buildings (see above) have been popping up like weeds.
The six buildings in total, were built just west of Fonner Park and the Heartland Event Center and we just happen to live two block from Fonner Park so we are literally within walking distance of the fair. We spent two separate afternoons at the fair and I must say everything was done quite well, especially considering they pulled all the construction equipment out the night before the start.
The last weekend of the fair, Gillian’s brother, Colin, his wife, Katie, and kids, Colleen and PJ came to visit from New York.  The kids loved the fair, with combine rides, pedal tractors, and copious farm animals.  It was great to see everyone and get a glimpse at what is in Gillian’s and I’s future.

The Wedding Of Sara and Joel

August 4, 2010

Last weekend was the wedding of Joel Michalski, one of my closest friends, to the lovely and intelligent Dr. Sara May.

4 Years

June 3, 2010

Today is Gillian and I’s 4th wedding anniversary. Four years, that is the same amount of time I spent in high school…crazy. I can honestly say there have been many more good days than bad.

A Weekend To Remember

May 19, 2010
Last weekend was packed full of memorable events, so I am going to try to remember them all and type them down here with links and what not, like I do.


March 23, 2010

I turned 28 years old yesterday and honestly I nearly forgot about it. With being busy at work, my impending fatherdom and that the TCSHL payoff tournament the same day, I just wasn’t that worried about it.   The tournament meant that I had to wake up at 7:45am…on my birthday, to drive to Kearney for a 9:30am game, since we lost that game we played again for 3rd place at 5pm that evening.  Between those two games I drove back to GI for Barrett’s 1st birthday party, yes I went to someone else’s birthday party on my birthday.  Barrett’s birthday is actually on th 24th, but Dustin and Jodi’s families were both in town for the weekend to celebrate.  We sang “Happy Birthday”(they also sang to me) and Barrett destroyed his birthday cake.  We got him this goofy Swedish designed toy, seen above on my head.   This is where I realized I am starting to get old, I didn’t care that there wasn’t a party for me because I was so excited to see Barrett open his presents, “eat” cake, and inevitably pass out from exhaustion.
Now, just because I didn’t celebrate my birthday doesn’t mean everyone else forgot.  I was amazed at all the happy birthday wishes I received.  Joel sent a text at 8am, not sure why he was up, and hell, I even talked to Eliot…on the phone, that never happens!  A few weeks ago I got a new camera, yes another camera, for my present from Gillian and the in-laws.  I am sure there will be an official birthday party/night out but I have not planned anything yet, maybe some time in…umm… May?

Oh, and we did win 3rd place.

eBay Motors Master

September 10, 2009

The eBay Motors Master  is a contest  though eBay Motors with the grand prize being $2500 eBay Motors shopping spree and a free trip to the SEMA show in Las Vegas.  This is my entry , please rate my video, 20% off the score is based off rating the other 80% is based on a panel of judges and you could also win $1000 to eBay motors. I will be posting a bloopers reel later.