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17 Month Long Valve Job

October 12, 2010
After waiting for over a year, I finally have the cylinder heads for the Falcon back from the machine shop and when I say “back” what I mean is, these are entirely  different heads, from a larger engine, that should fit.  Yes, this will be a post devoted to cylinder heads and my car, so if you couldn’t care less stop reading now.  For those few still reading, this is the Tale of the 17 Month Long Valve Job….

October Already?

October 5, 2010

Ok, so I have done these “where has the time gone” posts a few time before  and I think now that I have a daughter they are even more cliche but I have a number of things to blog about an if I try to make each one its own post it just plan won’t happen.  So here we go I apologize in advance if I forget something and as always the horrible grammar.