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Rawhide Bone…A Love Story

December 27, 2008

Anyone who knows our dog, Gordie, knows he likes to chew on things and Santi and Sarah probably know him the best. They bought Gordie a three foot long, rawhide bone, he loved it. He got it on Saturday afternoon and he loved it so much that it was gone Wednesday night. I took pictures of his progress; Day one, Day two, Day three, Day four.


The Frost’s Year in Review

December 18, 2008


I know it is cliché, but where has the time gone, seriously we are about to start 2009 and I still accidentally write 05.

When I started to types this I really had no idea what I was going to put down, this year didn’t seem to be that interesting. Gillian and I had a bit of a brain storming session and we came up with a few things to write about. This is my first time writing a Christmas letter so bear with me I will probably jump around a bit.

Gillian started off this year by deciding to go back to school, and had found a program at UNK to get her prereqs for med school at UNMC in Omaha. Yes, Gillian wanted to go back to school, I thought she was crazy but she had to try. She started classes in August, but has recently decided that her first semester back will also be her last. It wasn’t that the classes where too difficult it was more the realization that being back in school meant, going back to doing nothing but studying, and it wasn’t going to end any time soon. She also really loves her job and decided she wanted to continue having a life.

I started off the year by pulling the engine out of my 1963 Ford Falcon and have been slowly rebuilding the engine and everything else on the car. It is still not all back together but I am hoping to have it running by the summer, this may be a lofty goal.

We have done a few home improvement projects this year including tearing down and rebuilding our deck, paint a few rooms, including the living room again, and inclosing the backyard with a fence so Gordie doesn’t wonder off.

In July, just before Gillian started back to school, we took the camper that Gillian’s parents gave us and drove to Moab Utah. We hiked around Arches National Park and went Rafting down the Colorado River. It was an amazing trip except for blowing a tire on the way out there, during a hale storm and the fact that Moab Utah in late July is about 3 million degrees and our camper doesn’t have air conditioning like everyone else’s at the camp ground. We saw two movies while we where there just so we could sit in some AC for a while.

Gordie, our Dog, had some minor surgery about three months ago. He and Uno, Howland’s dog, collided at the dog park while chasing a ball, when I say collided I mean this was the kind of hit that made everyone at the dog park stop and gasp, I honestly that dog had knocked them selves out! Uno was bleeding and limping; Gordie was bleeding a little too but was completely unphased. Three days later we realized part of his tooth was missing, the vet recommended it be removed and while removing it realized the tooth next to it was mostly gone and removed that one too.

Gillian is now legally a Frost. After two years of marriage Gillian decided it was time to change her name…I guess. She had originally decided to keep her last name, which I never had a problem with. But a few months ago she decided to take my name. I don’t really know why she changed her mind, she doesn’t either.

This is the first year I put up Christmas lights. I got a box of icicle lights from grandpa that could probably wrap around the house three times. I also go a 6 foot snowman that my father had made. I put the icicle lights along the roof, snowman in the front yard and some snowflake lights on the railing of the porch. I come from a long line of Christmas lighters, so this is a fairly simple setup, I am sure it will be grander next year. I only fell off the ladder once and I landed on my feet so I don’t know if that counts.

Well I think that is pretty much the highlights of our last year, so from Grand Island, Nebraska Gillian, Olive, Gordie and I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

A Thanksgiving Welcome Home!

December 1, 2008
This Thanksgiving we had a little more to celebrate, Brandon, Gillian’s brother, came home from Iraq.  As expected Brandon hated the banner, which was the main reason it was put up.  Dinner consisted of the usual; Turkey, Beer, and me hidding while everyone else did the dishes.  My mom was in San Diego for Thanksgiving to see her mom and brothers.  Friday we had breakfast with my grandparents and sister at the IHOP, because my Grandma didn’t want to cook and Grandpa likes IHOP.  My Grandpa told me to bring the truck so he could give me some Christmas lights, he wasn’t joking about needing the truck.   I think I have enough lights to cover the house top to bottom three times, and those are only the lights Grandpa didn’t want!  Yes, I am decerating the house for Christmas this year…any bets on how many times I will fall off the ladder?