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2011: Mission Accomplished

February 4, 2012

So Christmas and New Years have come and gone and I have failed to send out Christmas Cards or write a “Frost’s Year in Review”.  I am not going to go into all the details of this last year, because frankly there is too much for just one post, though I would like to give an update on a previous rant about  my new years resolutions.

Get my PE license – Hells Yea!  on May 28 2011 I received notice that I had passed the PE exam and became a licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer.  Just recently I used my license for the first time in the design of a lifting device.

Get my eyes fixed – On April 23 2011, I went under the laser….one of the decisions I ever made.  It is amazing how quickly I have forgotten about the hassle of dealing with glasses and contacts.  If you are considering it, do it!!

Loss Weight – I started actively trying to loose weight on Dec 1st 2010 at the weight of 198 lbs as I sit here today typing I weigh 169 lbs.  I lost the 30 lbs in mostly traditional ways, counting calories and  exercising at least four times a week. I found a website called, to help count calories and track exercise.  I also stopped drinking beer at home…mostly.  I would have a beer if we went out to dinner or where celebrating something, but I stopped having a beer after dinner for no reason.  I have stopped counting the calories but I still try to keep my portions under control and lay off the beer. I weigh myself about once a week just to keep everything in check.

Finish the $#%^ing Engine for the Falcon – I managed to get the engine back in the Falcon just in time to haul it to Omaha and park it in a shed.  Like ever other step in the never ending story of the Falcon’s resurrection, I started to do “just one thing”, then went all OCD and ended up manhandling the engine back in.

Paint the Ceiling & Install the sink in the Garage – Well, we sold the house without doing these things so I count that as the same as actually getting them done.  Now, we have a new house, subject of the next post I swear, so we get to start over and do all the things we have already done before.

So, yea 2011 was pretty damn good.  So good in fact that I am not making resolutions for 2012.