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Deja vu

April 9, 2009


For the last year or so I have become increasingly more worried about my job security at Chief Automotive, not so much worried that I would get laid off but that the company would fold.   So I quit, and took a  position with Case New Holland, yes this is the company I worked for right out of college.  I am now the Resident Design Engineer for the Crop Preparation Group at the Grand Island plant…basically I design haytools…these things.  I am the “Resident” Design Engineer because I don’t actually work for the plant, I work for the design group in New Holland, PA.  That means I am the only design engineer, for haytools, in the plant.  My boss and all my co-workers are in Pennsylvania.

The plant still builds combines, haytools are kind of the red headed step child of the plant.  The production line is stuck over in a corner and most people don’t really care too much about them, because they are not combines and I like it that way.

It is very odd being back, I left almost three years ago and I never thought I would come back.  I left because I was a Manufacturing Engineer and I wanted to get into design and Chief Automotive offered me that.  Now I am back as an “experienced” design engineer, a little hire up the food chain.  The product, production line and the area of the building did not exist the last time I was at the plant, so everything is different but at the same time nothing has changed.

Fun Fact: Case New Holland is owned by The Fiat Group, so Ferrari is technicaly a sister company.  Fiat is also in the middle of taking over Chryslermaybe.


April 1st

April 1, 2009
So I have quite my job and decide to move to LA! 

See this is why I hate April Fools’ Day, if my mom didn’t already know I quite my job for other reasons (more on that later) she would read this and I would get a slightly hysterical phone call.  I also hate April Fool’s because I am a little too willing to believe crazy and impossible things could actually happen, I’m not gullible just optimistic about the impossible.  

There are some people out there though who’s entire existence seems to be a joke on us all… Happy Birthday Linda!