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9 Liters of Blood

July 15, 2009

That is the equivalent of the 20 units of blood I have donated to the Red Cross over the last four or so years, yesterday was my 20th.  I started donating when my mother went on dialysis, before her kidney transplant.  I have never felt light headed and once I finally get in the chair, after answering  the 127 million questions that you have to answer every time, it only takes me about 10 minutes to bleed.  It is not nearly as bad as people think, I actually prefer it to the dentist.  Anyway, I guess this is my service announcement.  If you meet all the Red Cross’s requirements and you don’t pass out at the sight of a needle then you should donate, it saves lives.

Update: if anyone was curious, my blood type is O Positive.


America…Hell Yea!

July 7, 2009

4th of July went off with a bang, pun defiantly intended.  Thank You to everyone who came out to visit, it was a blast!  Pun intended again.  I have a few pictures here.  There really aren’t that many good ones, except the ones of  Sarah showing here patriotism.

I did manage to replace the broken springs on the BMW, before the 4th.  It was easier then I thought it was going to be, it just took a week to gets the parts.  It is a good thing too.  Lets just say, Gillian and I have decide the key to a happy marriage is drive separate cars to work.