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Family Wagon

March 30, 2010

Last week Gillian and I bought a new 2010 Subaru Outback.  It makes us feel like adults, with a family vehicle.  We needed a vehicle that could fit both of us, a car seat, the dog, pull a camper, and still be fun to drive.  That last part is something most people just don’t really understand.


March 23, 2010

I turned 28 years old yesterday and honestly I nearly forgot about it. With being busy at work, my impending fatherdom and that the TCSHL payoff tournament the same day, I just wasn’t that worried about it.   The tournament meant that I had to wake up at 7:45am…on my birthday, to drive to Kearney for a 9:30am game, since we lost that game we played again for 3rd place at 5pm that evening.  Between those two games I drove back to GI for Barrett’s 1st birthday party, yes I went to someone else’s birthday party on my birthday.  Barrett’s birthday is actually on th 24th, but Dustin and Jodi’s families were both in town for the weekend to celebrate.  We sang “Happy Birthday”(they also sang to me) and Barrett destroyed his birthday cake.  We got him this goofy Swedish designed toy, seen above on my head.   This is where I realized I am starting to get old, I didn’t care that there wasn’t a party for me because I was so excited to see Barrett open his presents, “eat” cake, and inevitably pass out from exhaustion.
Now, just because I didn’t celebrate my birthday doesn’t mean everyone else forgot.  I was amazed at all the happy birthday wishes I received.  Joel sent a text at 8am, not sure why he was up, and hell, I even talked to Eliot…on the phone, that never happens!  A few weeks ago I got a new camera, yes another camera, for my present from Gillian and the in-laws.  I am sure there will be an official birthday party/night out but I have not planned anything yet, maybe some time in…umm… May?

Oh, and we did win 3rd place.

Boy oh Girl!

March 14, 2010
Last Thursday we had our ultrasound appointment.  We waited an entire hour in the ultrasound room and I got bored an started taking pictures of Gillian in the chair and the ultrasound machine, which has a lot of fun buttons.  Our doctor said everything looks good and healthy, then she had a hell of time trying to figure out the sex of the baby.  She said that she could not find any “boy parts” though she was moving around so much she was only 80% sure.  She literally did a back-flip while trying to figure out the sex..the baby, not the doctor.  Yesterday we set up the crib and changing table, the baby’s room is starting to come together.  Gillian is also starting to show a little more.  You can see all the baby picture here.  So we are having a girl and we are both very excited!  Though we will probably still bring a boy outfit to the hospital, just in case.