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I’m Big in France

November 21, 2009

I got an interesting e-mail yesterday from the web master of a French website,  They were asking permission to use one of my pictures from Flickr, the picture of my crossed hockey sticks tattoo.  I make a habit of marking all my pictures, that do not have people in them, as Creative Commons, meaning anyone can use them for free as long as I am credited. Here is the e-mail,


as the webmaster of the french information website, I would like to use one of your pictures I found
in the Creative Commons category, meaning it can be used for

The picture is “Crossed hockey stick tatoo”.

Should its publication on our website annoy you, I will
remove the photo as soon as you ask me to.

Many thanks in advance for your understanding.


I went to the website to see what they where using my picture for, here is the link

The site is all in French but using the google translator I found that it is a story about two hockey players in love, two male hockey players in love!  So yea, there is a picture of my should as the header of a story about two gay French hockey players…awesome?!?  I actually don’t have a problem with this at all, I think it is hilarious.  I haven’t translated the entire story yet, but feel free to.  Also, notice they did credit me for the picture at the bottom.  I was going to title this post “French Gays Love My Sticks” but I didn’t want to give away the punchline.

UPDATE: Now, my other tattoo is famous