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A Bit Tired

July 28, 2010

Really I can’t complain too much. Elena has been keeping us on a pretty constant schedule, she only wakes up two to three times a night and she goes back to sleep after she has been changed and feed.  Though, I have been late to work every day this week, I think that is more because I have an excuse.

Ok, now I am exhausted.  I was going to go into Gillian’s maternity leave and how Elena likes to grunt and growl, but those will have to be a later posts.  For now I will just say everyone is doing well and we are sleeping as much as we can.


One Week Later

July 10, 2010
Amazingly, we have all been home from the hospital for a week and I think we are all starting to get into a routine.  Lucky, Elena does not scream much, at least not yet.  She mostly sleeps for about two to three hours than screams.  I change her diaper, Gillian feeds her and she falls back to sleep.  Gordie and Olive have adjusted nicely; Gordie has appointed himself as Elena’s protector, if she cries, he comes running.  Olive is in charge on night duty, she has taken to sitting on the edge of the bed and watching Elena sleep in the bassinet.  I have been trying to post a picture a day up on and of course all my pictures are up on Flickr.

Home Sweet Home

July 4, 2010
On Friday, after a fair amount of begging from Gillian to her OB, Gillian and Elena were released to go home.  So we bundled up Elena and went home.  Gillian and I and Elena could not have been happier.  The first night home we as well as most first nights home with newborns, we didn’t sleep much.  We are still trying to figure out what our routine will be, but Gordie and Olive seem to be taking the change well.  Gordie runs in circles and wines every time Elena cries and Olive seems mostly indifferent.