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Introducing Elena Frost

June 30, 2010
I would like to officially introduce our new daughter,  Elena Fordyce Frost.  She was born today June 30th at 8:56 am.  She is 5 lbs 15 oz and 19 1/2 inches long.  She came out screaming and both her and mom are doing just fine.
Long story short, the induction did not work and due to the pre-eclampsia our doctor did not want Gillian to stay pregnant for any longer, so she went in for a c-section.  Now after all the stress and worry and IV bags (there where 5 of them at one point) everyone is doing fine.  Gillian is feeling much better and healing well, Elena is sleeping mostly but  has eaten a few times and I changed her diaper! Everything is starting to calm down and Gillian and I couldn’t be happier.

An Introduction to Induction

June 30, 2010

So it is official Gillian and I are still in the hospital and she is going to be induced. I will not go into all the details, but Gillian’s test came back with high protein, which was the final piece of the puzzle for the doctor to declare it pre-eclampsia. She is on an IV with medicine to help the pre-eclampsia. She is also being given a drug to help her dilate. Once she is dilated far enough, they can actually induce labor. This is all a much longer process than I thought and Gillian will most like not be delivering until tomorrow. Gillian is doing fine, but she is uncomfortable, the drugs are making her a little woozy, and she is bored! So…we wait. More news as it comes.

The Waiting Part 2

June 28, 2010
Ok, Gillian had an appointment this morning and her blood pressure was still high.  They want to do another 24 hour urinalysis, and want to monitor her blood pressure, so she has been admitted to the hospital.  She is doing alright and the baby is doing great, if the urinalysis comes back with higher amounts of protein they will start the process of inducing labor, if not we may go home for a while.  My money is on the later, but we will know more tomorrow.

The Waiting

June 26, 2010
Gillian is officially 37 weeks pregnant and her uneventful pregnancy has made an unfortunate turn to the more dramatic.  A few days ago Gillian had a pounding headache, her fellow OTs immediately took her blood pressure and it was high.  She went into the OB a few hours later and she had her do a number of tests, including collecting her urine for 24 hours, “Don’t drink the stuff in the brown jug in the frig” and a non-stress test.  Long story short, it looks like she has the beginning signs of preeclampsia.  Gillian is on bed rest, she is doing fine and goes into the doctor again on Monday. We are taking it day by day, if things don’t change she could deliver at 39 weeks, if things get worse it could be sooner.  Gillian had another ultra sound, so we are now sure Elena is a girl and we also know she is very healthy.  Though all of this we have been told a number of times that the baby is doing great!  Delivery will most definitely happen before July 17th, we are not sure what our plans for the 4th of July are going to be yet, we may be at the hospital.
More news as it comes!

Parking Perfection

June 13, 2010
This weekend was Gillian’s baby shower.  Chris and Kathleen also came down for the weekend.  The ladies did their baby shower thing, me and the men (Chris, Retzer, Santi, and Dustin) hung out at Dustin’s house, ate pizza, drank beer while playing Polish horseshoes and Ladder ball.  Before I left to let the women do whatever you do at a baby shower, I made sure the driveway was filled to capacity.  For those of you keeping track at home that is a Subaru Legacy, Toyota Camry, Volkswagen Passat, Subaru Outback, GMC Sierra, and a Scion tC.  The fact that I was able to park this many vehicles in my driveway made me far more pleased than any man should be, about parked cars.
I was told the baby shower went well, and it was good to see Kathleen and Chris and the weekend went by way too fast.  Gillian is now 35 weeks pregnant so our lives will be changing in big way sooner than later and all the gifts will be a huge help.  Thank you to everyone who came out for Gillian party!

I’m Not Too Old To Mosh

June 4, 2010
A few weeks ago, May 26th to be exact, Korn, a Heavy Metal band from my high school/college days, was in town and a couple of guys from work and I went.  In high school and college I was one of those guys who stood up front,  jumped around, crowd surfed, moshed, and left there deaf and drenched in sweat.  For years I thought that is how everyone watched concerts, more recently I realized there is this entire other group of people who go to concerts sit in the stands, enjoy the music and leave with their hearing intact and not covered in other peoples sweat.  Korn is not the kind of band I could just sit in the stands and watch, so as we walked towards the event center I said out loud “I think I might be too old for this”.  Well it turns out, I was wrong.  I rocked out just like I was in college again and I didn’t feel like that weird old guy.  I came home soaked and with my ears ringing, took a shower and went to bed, it was great.
The next morning on the other hand was a different story, my ears where still ringing, my head hurt, my neck hurt, my legs hurt and my voice was gone.   I know I used to hurt in college after a concert but this was ridiculous my ears didn’t stop ringing for three days, so maybe I am too old to mosh.

4 Years

June 3, 2010

Today is Gillian and I’s 4th wedding anniversary. Four years, that is the same amount of time I spent in high school…crazy. I can honestly say there have been many more good days than bad.

21st Century Baby

June 3, 2010

Some of you may have already noticed the “Elena” link in the side bar.  Yes, I have created a blog for our child.  So for those of you who don’t really care about my feelings on Mercury being discontinued or how to change the oil in a Subaru or how a homosexual French website is using a picture of my tattoo for one of their articles and just want to see pictures, videos and stories about our baby girl, please add to your favorites list.  For now think of the site as an online scrap book/baby book.  There will still be post about Elena and Gillian and I’s adventures in parenthood here, but it will be mixed in with things like how I am not too old to mosh!

R.I.P. Mercury, You will be missed…I guess

June 2, 2010

mercury macro, originally uploaded by atomicshark
It was announced today that Ford will be discontinuing the Mercury branch at the end of this year, following in the footsteps of Plymouth, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Saturn.  It is always sad to see a car brand fade into the history books, but in the case of Mercury it is more like finally throwing out the expired milk.

E is for Elena

June 1, 2010

First off, if you could not tell from the above picture, we have decided on a name for our baby girl.  Elena, Elena Fordyce Frost to be exact.  With a baby name picked and with Gillian already being 33 weeks pregnant we decided it was time to decorated our daughters room.

Mermaid Quilt

Two weekends ago I painted the room formerly known as the office, a bright teal, I was surprised how much I really like the color. The Friday before Memorial Day, Marissa and Linda came down to help decorate.  Linda made a hanging quilt to go along with the ocean theme and Marissa hand painted all the letters and hot glued the sea creators, I stood on the ladder and was told where to stick everything to the wall.

Now after all this decorating, I really hope it is a girl.