The Waiting

Gillian is officially 37 weeks pregnant and her uneventful pregnancy has made an unfortunate turn to the more dramatic.  A few days ago Gillian had a pounding headache, her fellow OTs immediately took her blood pressure and it was high.  She went into the OB a few hours later and she had her do a number of tests, including collecting her urine for 24 hours, “Don’t drink the stuff in the brown jug in the frig” and a non-stress test.  Long story short, it looks like she has the beginning signs of preeclampsia.  Gillian is on bed rest, she is doing fine and goes into the doctor again on Monday. We are taking it day by day, if things don’t change she could deliver at 39 weeks, if things get worse it could be sooner.  Gillian had another ultra sound, so we are now sure Elena is a girl and we also know she is very healthy.  Though all of this we have been told a number of times that the baby is doing great!  Delivery will most definitely happen before July 17th, we are not sure what our plans for the 4th of July are going to be yet, we may be at the hospital.
More news as it comes!

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