Boy oh Girl!

Last Thursday we had our ultrasound appointment.  We waited an entire hour in the ultrasound room and I got bored an started taking pictures of Gillian in the chair and the ultrasound machine, which has a lot of fun buttons.  Our doctor said everything looks good and healthy, then she had a hell of time trying to figure out the sex of the baby.  She said that she could not find any “boy parts” though she was moving around so much she was only 80% sure.  She literally did a back-flip while trying to figure out the sex..the baby, not the doctor.  Yesterday we set up the crib and changing table, the baby’s room is starting to come together.  Gillian is also starting to show a little more.  You can see all the baby picture here.  So we are having a girl and we are both very excited!  Though we will probably still bring a boy outfit to the hospital, just in case.

2 Responses to “Boy oh Girl!”

  1. Granny Says:

    My granddaughter is the cutest baby girl ever!!! I just love her!

  2. Aunt Bridget Says:

    I’m so excited for our family and especially Ryan and Gillian. To see the picture made me cry….congratulations!!!!

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