Nothing To Read Here

So I haven’t posted in a while and I feel like I should, but I don’t really have much to type about.

For those who don’t already know, Gillian is 19 weeks pregnant now.  I would love to tell some story about our adventures in pre-parenthood, but I can’t. Gillian has been feeling fine, not sick, no crazy cravings, she has been tired but she was never much of a night owl anyway.  It has all been very easy…on me, as she keeps reminding me.  My only complaint is she is not showing very much.  If she is pregnant I want her to look pregnant!

Umm, lets see…I’m really tired of all the snow and cold.  My truck is still for sale, seriously buy my damn truck!

Gillian and I upgraded to  new phones and a new phone plan so we can use all their features, the numbers are the same but now we can read our e-mail!

The furnace blower motor is off-balance, so it has been making a funny noise.  I tried to fix it, but when I start taking the furnace apart Gillian gets nervous, so I stopped.  I should really call the furnace guy.

After nearly a year of living next to an abandon house, we have new neighbors.  They moved in last weekend, we have not yet met them, they drive a white Dodge Nitro.

So yea, nothing much to read here, carry on.


One Response to “Nothing To Read Here”

  1. Mark (Grandpa) Says:

    Tell Gillian it probably would be a good idea to remove the belly button ring now, before future expansion in the area

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