America…Hell Yea!

4th of July went off with a bang, pun defiantly intended.  Thank You to everyone who came out to visit, it was a blast!  Pun intended again.  I have a few pictures here.  There really aren’t that many good ones, except the ones of  Sarah showing here patriotism.

I did manage to replace the broken springs on the BMW, before the 4th.  It was easier then I thought it was going to be, it just took a week to gets the parts.  It is a good thing too.  Lets just say, Gillian and I have decide the key to a happy marriage is drive separate cars to work.


One Response to “America…Hell Yea!”

  1. Mark Cave Says:

    Great WEEK END It never stops amasing me on how much people in Nebraska spend on fireworks and the extent of the fireworks they buy. GI was just like our street in O. It sounded and looked like a war zone,yes Brandon, only you have seen a war zone, but this is close, but no cigar, I sure And there is a recession going on I think.

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