A Thanksgiving Welcome Home!

This Thanksgiving we had a little more to celebrate, Brandon, Gillian’s brother, came home from Iraq.  As expected Brandon hated the banner, which was the main reason it was put up.  Dinner consisted of the usual; Turkey, Beer, and me hidding while everyone else did the dishes.  My mom was in San Diego for Thanksgiving to see her mom and brothers.  Friday we had breakfast with my grandparents and sister at the IHOP, because my Grandma didn’t want to cook and Grandpa likes IHOP.  My Grandpa told me to bring the truck so he could give me some Christmas lights, he wasn’t joking about needing the truck.   I think I have enough lights to cover the house top to bottom three times, and those are only the lights Grandpa didn’t want!  Yes, I am decerating the house for Christmas this year…any bets on how many times I will fall off the ladder?

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