I Died a Little Today

We have this printer at work, and it is a gigantic piece of crap.  It started making a grinding noise today, I seriously got up from my desk expecting to see someone building or destroying something.  Anyway my point, as I stood there with two other guys I work with, watching the printer destroy itself, I made a comment, “Hey, you guys remember the movie Office Space”.  It was supposed to be a joke about how we should take the printer out into a field and beat it with a baseball bat, but I was appalled that neither of them had seen the movie.  I started asking around and no one I work with has seen the movie!!  This is the problem I have with my job, 9 times out of 10 when I make a joke all I get are blank stairs and it’s not because I’m not funny, I’m funny Dammit!  Anyway, this all made me died a little.


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