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This Old House

March 20, 2012

Our House

On November 28th, after only about three months living in the Boyers basement (Thank you again) Gillian and I closed on our “new” home in Omaha.  We bought a 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 2 car garage home bulit in 1963.  Just for a reference, that was the same year Kennedy was assassinated.  This 2000+ square foot home was completely renovated… so time in the early 70’s.  It’s features include; wood paneling in the den, formal dinning room, three fire places, bright red carpet in the basement, a blue bathroom, a pink bathroom, a yellow bathroom, and wallpaper in nearly every room in the house!  I am not really complaining, it is a great house and everything is in excellent shape it is just old very, very old.  A lot of it Gillian and I actually like,  it is so dated it is kind of trendy again, or at least that is what we are tell ourselves.  I personally love the wood paneled den…Gillian, not so much.

It is a big house with plenty of space that we are planning on being in for a long time, so we haven’t gotten that fired up about changing everything.  I have started removing some wall paper, Gillian and I both agree that wall paper is stupid and ugly and if you intentional put it on your walls you should be attested for crimes against humanity.  Once the wall paper is removed, which at the rate I am going will take well into 2015, we will inevitably paint every room in the house.  The bright red carpet in the basement is probably not too long for this world and as most of the house has hardwood under the carpet I am going to need a dumpster to get rid of all the carpet and while we are at it we might as well update the hall bathroom and the kitchen could use new cabinets and the sliding glass door desperately needs replacing, and really all the widows need to be replaced…and I just got a nose bleed.

So, I guess this house is a lot like the last one, we don’t need to do anything to it but we will end up change everything.


October Already?

October 5, 2010

Ok, so I have done these “where has the time gone” posts a few time before  and I think now that I have a daughter they are even more cliche but I have a number of things to blog about an if I try to make each one its own post it just plan won’t happen.  So here we go I apologize in advance if I forget something and as always the horrible grammar.


Nebraska State Fair

September 19, 2010
This year was the first year for the Nebraska State Fair to be held in Grand Island Nebraska. The State Fair had previously been held in Lincoln since 1901 and the move to Grand Island was quite the controversy here in the midwest.  It was officially announced  a little over a year ago that the fair was coming and ever since these huge red buildings (see above) have been popping up like weeds.
The six buildings in total, were built just west of Fonner Park and the Heartland Event Center and we just happen to live two block from Fonner Park so we are literally within walking distance of the fair. We spent two separate afternoons at the fair and I must say everything was done quite well, especially considering they pulled all the construction equipment out the night before the start.
The last weekend of the fair, Gillian’s brother, Colin, his wife, Katie, and kids, Colleen and PJ came to visit from New York.  The kids loved the fair, with combine rides, pedal tractors, and copious farm animals.  It was great to see everyone and get a glimpse at what is in Gillian’s and I’s future.