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Viva Mexico!

August 25, 2009

As many of you know, because we booked the trip almost a year ago, Gillian and I and Santi and Sarah and Chris and Kathleen spent last week at a resort in Tulum, Mexico.  Yes, we got the band back together and went on another tour.

The four days we spent in Mexico started with drinking beer in the back of a van, because it is legal in Mexico, I assume. The all inclusive resort had two pools, five restaurants, 3 bars including a swim up bar, a beautiful beach and, as Gillian wont let us forget, an ocean trampoline.  The first day and a half we spent relaxing and drinking colorfully cocktails, I liked the Mango Daiquiris.   Thursday was repelling, zip lining and a tour of the Mayan ruins of Tulum.  Friday morning we went snorkeling at a ref near the resort.  The snorkeling was great, the boat ride back where I turned ghost white an nearly hurled my all inclusive breakfast into the ocean, was less than amusing…for me.  Despite us all getting sunburns,mainly Sarah, Santi and Chris, we all had a excellent time.

Gillian and I didn’t buy any souvenirs but I did come home with a very cliche cause of “stomach problems”.

Viva Mexico!


America…Hell Yea!

July 7, 2009

4th of July went off with a bang, pun defiantly intended.  Thank You to everyone who came out to visit, it was a blast!  Pun intended again.  I have a few pictures here.  There really aren’t that many good ones, except the ones of  Sarah showing here patriotism.

I did manage to replace the broken springs on the BMW, before the 4th.  It was easier then I thought it was going to be, it just took a week to gets the parts.  It is a good thing too.  Lets just say, Gillian and I have decide the key to a happy marriage is drive separate cars to work.

3 Years

June 9, 2009


Last Wednesday, June 3rd, Gillian and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary.  We both almost forgot, again this year.  Last year we didn’t remember until Erika sent us and e-mail congratulating us.  This is further proof that Gillian and I truly don’t understand calenders.  Hopefully this also shows our friends and family that just because we forget which day your birthday, anniversary, or child’s first baptism lands on, it doesn’t mean that we don’t care.


March 21, 2009
I am 27 today, and I am in LA visiting Eliot.  27, I really am closer to 30 than 20.  This is my first birthday post since trying this blog thing, so I should say something epic, uh, so here we go.  I like to make the claim that my birthday is the first “full” day of spring, because the spring equinox usually starts on the 2oth in the middle of the day.  It has also come to my attention that today is National Corndog Day.  Though I have never liked corndogs, or hotdogs for that matter, I am a fan of fried food on a stick.
Ok, none of that was very epic and now it is the 22nd.  I spent my birthday low key.  We did go down to the beach, it is only 11 blocks from Eliot’s place, then went to Frito Misto for dinner with Scott Stout and had cake for dessert.  After dinner we stopped at Magicopolis a magic theater/bar where one of Eliot’s friend, Erik, works and does magic.  We spent the rest of the night drinking and playing video games with Mike Rhoads, video games that were not rock band.  I have not done that in a long time and though it was not extremely exciting, I had a great time and didn’t wake up with a hang over, further proof that I am getting old.

Holy Nacho Cheese, Batman!

March 10, 2009

The Sunday after Sarah’s party, Julie and Chris invited us over to their house for an Oscar party.  The highlight of the party besides Sarah’s Snuggie and the “Dreamy” Hugh Jackman hosting, was the nacho cheese fountain.  Chris got a chocolate fountain and thought, “Hey, I bet I could make this work with nacho cheese!”  It does work… gloriously!

Happy Birthday Sarah…

March 1, 2009

and happy new job, now you have to get a facebook account, dammit! 

Back to Sarah’s birthday party, which was two weeks ago now, I type very slowly.  Sarah’s party was the same day as a local radio station’s charity bar hopping miniature golf  tournament thing.  There where teams and a hole at every bar, so you basically bar hop and drink for charity.  We where not on a team, Sarah just knew some people, we also didn’t drink much because it started early in the afternoon and bar hopping with the sun out just felt wrong.

The party was at this tiny little bar that served some of the greatest pizza I have ever had.  We managed to cram about 30 people, some of which I don’t think actually knew Sarah,  around on large table.  After pizza it was on to Karaoke!

Ok, karaoke was kind of a fail.  First off they had all the light on, who sings karaoke with the lights on!?!  Secondly they played far to much country for a karaoke bar that normally never plays county.  Thirdly, if was full of ass hats who took the whole thing way to seriously, including the DJ or what every you call the guy running karaoke, huge ass hat!  We did have a lot of fun though, mostly making fun of the ass hats. 

The worst part was that it was becoming more obvious that we are all starting to get a little older, we where back home from the bars by 11:30.

I apologize for my flagrant use of the word “ass hat”.

Dear, Brandon…Thank You!!

February 11, 2009
Last weekend Mark and Linda brought down this 42″ Plasma TV, it is Brandon’s  TV,  I’m just babysitting it…for three years, while he and Erika are in Germany.
In honor of new TV, Santi and Sarah and Liz came down.  Friday night we went out, Sarah managed to loose her credit card.  Saturday we stayed in and played “Rock Band”, it looks awesome on the new TV.  Sunday, Liz made french toast, it was a good weekend.
Oh, and I found out today that our cable company is filing for bankruptcy, so I don’t really know if we are going to have cable in a month.

Retzer’s Birthday

January 30, 2009
Last Friday was Retzer’s birthday, and Lisa wanted to throw him a surprise party.  She sneakily sent Santi, Gillian, and I the plans through facebook, she would have sent them to Sarah but she doesn’t have a facebook account, seriously Sarah get a damn facebook account!
Anyway, the plans went back and fourth between having it on Friday or having it on Saturday, finally landing on Saturday.  Lisa reserved a table at this neat (does “neat” make me sound like an old man?) bar, The Lift Lounge.  I liked it because it made me feel like I was accomplishing my new year’s resolution.  So, seeing as it wasn’t Retzer’s actual birthday and he is oblivious to people trying to trick him and thanks to Lisa’s super sneaky skills, he was totally surprised.  We had a good night of drinking and catching up, I hadn’t realized how long it had been since I have seen Retzer and Lisa.  Keeping with the repetitive themes, yes, those are “Rock Band” wrist bands Retzer’s wearing, Gillian and I got them for him to go along with the game Lisa got him.

I have all the pictures from the party on Flickr.

New Year’s Resolution…Ski More!

January 7, 2009


Update: I changed the picture, that I stole from Santi

Our New Year’s Eve was pretty tame this year, the usual “Rock Band” with friends.  It was tame, not because we are getting old and spent too many new year’s days with hangovers, but because Santi, Sarah, Gillian, and I woke up early on January 1st and drove to Colorado to go skiing with Chris and Kathleen.

We got into Denver late afternoon, just after Kathleen and Chris had come home from buying a new Subaru Legacy, I am proud of Kathleen for not buying something lame.  For dinner that night we decided to go to Casa Bonita, it was the most interesting dinning experience of my life, I think everyone should go once, just once, because no amount of words could describe the craziness of this place.

Friday morning we drove to Keystone.  Chris’ parents own a condo about 20 feet from one of the lifts and we spent Friday and Saturday skiing.  Gillian and I have only skied one other time, about 7 years ago, but are both decent skiers.  When I say decent, I mean that I only tend to fall down when I am standing still, and Gillian has the uncanny ability to completely eat it, but get back up before you have time to ask her if she is OK.  Luckily, no one actually hurt themselves, unless you count that Santi and  I were too sore to move our legs on Sunday morning.  The weekend was great, we can’t thank Chris and Kathleen enough and we all agreed this is something we need to do on a more regular basis.

A Thanksgiving Welcome Home!

December 1, 2008
This Thanksgiving we had a little more to celebrate, Brandon, Gillian’s brother, came home from Iraq.  As expected Brandon hated the banner, which was the main reason it was put up.  Dinner consisted of the usual; Turkey, Beer, and me hidding while everyone else did the dishes.  My mom was in San Diego for Thanksgiving to see her mom and brothers.  Friday we had breakfast with my grandparents and sister at the IHOP, because my Grandma didn’t want to cook and Grandpa likes IHOP.  My Grandpa told me to bring the truck so he could give me some Christmas lights, he wasn’t joking about needing the truck.   I think I have enough lights to cover the house top to bottom three times, and those are only the lights Grandpa didn’t want!  Yes, I am decerating the house for Christmas this year…any bets on how many times I will fall off the ladder?