Happy Birthday Sarah…

and happy new job, now you have to get a facebook account, dammit! 

Back to Sarah’s birthday party, which was two weeks ago now, I type very slowly.  Sarah’s party was the same day as a local radio station’s charity bar hopping miniature golf  tournament thing.  There where teams and a hole at every bar, so you basically bar hop and drink for charity.  We where not on a team, Sarah just knew some people, we also didn’t drink much because it started early in the afternoon and bar hopping with the sun out just felt wrong.

The party was at this tiny little bar that served some of the greatest pizza I have ever had.  We managed to cram about 30 people, some of which I don’t think actually knew Sarah,  around on large table.  After pizza it was on to Karaoke!

Ok, karaoke was kind of a fail.  First off they had all the light on, who sings karaoke with the lights on!?!  Secondly they played far to much country for a karaoke bar that normally never plays county.  Thirdly, if was full of ass hats who took the whole thing way to seriously, including the DJ or what every you call the guy running karaoke, huge ass hat!  We did have a lot of fun though, mostly making fun of the ass hats. 

The worst part was that it was becoming more obvious that we are all starting to get a little older, we where back home from the bars by 11:30.

I apologize for my flagrant use of the word “ass hat”.


One Response to “Happy Birthday Sarah…”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I got a dumb facebook. Happy now?

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