Dear, Brandon…Thank You!!

Last weekend Mark and Linda brought down this 42″ Plasma TV, it is Brandon’s  TV,  I’m just babysitting it…for three years, while he and Erika are in Germany.
In honor of new TV, Santi and Sarah and Liz came down.  Friday night we went out, Sarah managed to loose her credit card.  Saturday we stayed in and played “Rock Band”, it looks awesome on the new TV.  Sunday, Liz made french toast, it was a good weekend.
Oh, and I found out today that our cable company is filing for bankruptcy, so I don’t really know if we are going to have cable in a month.

One Response to “Dear, Brandon…Thank You!!”

  1. Erika Says:

    Since Brandon is back in the US, I will say “Your Welcome” for him. I hope that you are enjoying it, but just remember, it is only ON LOAN!! 🙂

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