New Year’s Resolution…Ski More!


Update: I changed the picture, that I stole from Santi

Our New Year’s Eve was pretty tame this year, the usual “Rock Band” with friends.  It was tame, not because we are getting old and spent too many new year’s days with hangovers, but because Santi, Sarah, Gillian, and I woke up early on January 1st and drove to Colorado to go skiing with Chris and Kathleen.

We got into Denver late afternoon, just after Kathleen and Chris had come home from buying a new Subaru Legacy, I am proud of Kathleen for not buying something lame.  For dinner that night we decided to go to Casa Bonita, it was the most interesting dinning experience of my life, I think everyone should go once, just once, because no amount of words could describe the craziness of this place.

Friday morning we drove to Keystone.  Chris’ parents own a condo about 20 feet from one of the lifts and we spent Friday and Saturday skiing.  Gillian and I have only skied one other time, about 7 years ago, but are both decent skiers.  When I say decent, I mean that I only tend to fall down when I am standing still, and Gillian has the uncanny ability to completely eat it, but get back up before you have time to ask her if she is OK.  Luckily, no one actually hurt themselves, unless you count that Santi and  I were too sore to move our legs on Sunday morning.  The weekend was great, we can’t thank Chris and Kathleen enough and we all agreed this is something we need to do on a more regular basis.


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