Viva Mexico!

As many of you know, because we booked the trip almost a year ago, Gillian and I and Santi and Sarah and Chris and Kathleen spent last week at a resort in Tulum, Mexico.  Yes, we got the band back together and went on another tour.

The four days we spent in Mexico started with drinking beer in the back of a van, because it is legal in Mexico, I assume. The all inclusive resort had two pools, five restaurants, 3 bars including a swim up bar, a beautiful beach and, as Gillian wont let us forget, an ocean trampoline.  The first day and a half we spent relaxing and drinking colorfully cocktails, I liked the Mango Daiquiris.   Thursday was repelling, zip lining and a tour of the Mayan ruins of Tulum.  Friday morning we went snorkeling at a ref near the resort.  The snorkeling was great, the boat ride back where I turned ghost white an nearly hurled my all inclusive breakfast into the ocean, was less than amusing…for me.  Despite us all getting sunburns,mainly Sarah, Santi and Chris, we all had a excellent time.

Gillian and I didn’t buy any souvenirs but I did come home with a very cliche cause of “stomach problems”.

Viva Mexico!


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