A Weekend To Remember

Last weekend was packed full of memorable events, so I am going to try to remember them all and type them down here with links and what not, like I do.
Ok, first off, last weekend was Ben Retzer and Lisa Ulrich’s wedding.  Retzer is a good friend from college, he is the one responsible for my mild obsession with Hero Scape, and an avid bark collar enthusiast.  Ben met Lisa a little over a year ago (that time frame may be wrong) and apparently hit it off.  Gillian and I actually met Lisa the same day I got my gear tattoo we immediately liked her and could not be happier for the two of them!  Retzer’s groomsmen included; Myself, Dan Honz, Eliot Phillips and Jim Allen, just think of us as an incredibly nerdy A-Team.   The wedding went off wonderfully and it couldn’t have been a nicer day, we even saw duckies!  The reception was also a great time complete with wedding cake/cup cakes, an R2D2 groom’s cake and silly white people dancing.
Now lets work backwards a bit, to Thursday, May 13th when I became an Uncle…I mean when my sister became a mother.  Lucas Valentine Frost-Biskup, was born at 4:26 pm.  All 6 lbs. 11 oz. and 20 inches of him are doing fine and so is Jamie.  Two month from now he will have a cousin, I see baby racing in our future.
Finally, I would like to congratulate Santiago and Sarah on the purchase of their new house.  I may be more excited about this move then they are, now we have a driveway to park in, instead of paying to park in a parking garage.  I also don’t have to fight downtown traffic on game day, so thank you Santiago and Sarah for moving.  I took some panoramic photos during the house warming/graduation party…oh did I mention Sarah also graduated with a Master’s of Arts in Management from Doane College.
So there you have it, next weekend we are staying home and painting the baby’s room.

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