New Falcon Parts!

The UPS guy showed up right before Gillian and I left for Chris and Kathleen’s wedding.  When the UPS guy shows up, 9 times out of 10 he is bringing me car parts, this time was no exception.  I bought a rack and pinion steering kit, for The Falcon.   So far I have installed; disc brakes on the front and rear and new master cylinder, new rear end gears, new shocks, and new wheels and tires.  Now I can add rack and pinion steering to that list.  No, I haven’t finished building my engine yet!  It is a lot easier to work on the steering with out an engine anyway. I still have to install the steering column.  This will be the hardest part because it involves me getting my head and hands down where my feet would normally go.  I plan to have it running some time during the summer of 2009, possibly with a new 5 speed transmission.

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