The Band, Back Together Again

Last weekend, we didn’t go anywhere!  Instead Santi and Sarah, Chris and Kathleen, and Retzer and Lisa came to Grand Island!  Santi, Sarah, Chris, and Katleen got here Friday night and spent the night doing what has become somewhat of a tradition,  drinking beer and playing Rock Band!  Retzer came in on Saturday afternoon while Lisa was at a baby shower, we watched the Husker game then played more Rock Band.  Saturday night was all about the Karaoke at the Upper Deck. We were all jealous of the fat man in the skin tight, fish net shirt, but disappointed he did not sing “I’m too sexy”.

The weekend was alot of fun and consisted of the usual events; Santi recording a fart on my camera, Retzer chasing the dogs around the back yard, and Kathleen falling out of a chair.


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