Then, The Wheel Didn’t Fall Off

Gillian and I spent last weekend in Denver with Chris and Kathleen, it had been just over a year since we had gone out and it was great to see them, meet their new dog and catch up.  Sadly this is not a post about the time we spent in Colorado.  This is a post about the day leading up to and the day proceeding that wonderful trip which was in contrast just awful.

It starts Friday morning as Gillian and I awoke to the sound of running water.  One of the outside water faucets had frozen and burst the water line, I must add that this was completely my fault because I had left the hose hooked up to the faucet, your not supposed to do that it is even printed on the faucet to not do that.  When we first heard the noise I knew it was water but I wasn’t sure where it was coming from so at 6 o’clock in the morning I am crawling around under the house, in my underwear,  looking for the leaking pipe.  I finally find it, get a good look at it and realize there is nothing I can do about right then, so I shut the water off to the house get dressed and go to work…a half hour late.

On my way to work, apparently in a hurry, my truck decided that the back-end needed to be ahead of the front end.   “The roads must be icy,” I thought to myself as I spun around, slid across the street and slammed into a snow drift, cracking my bumper.  Did I forget to mention that I am trying to sell my truck?

I was fine and the truck was mechanically fine and I made it to work.  I was only at work for the morning, we where leaving at lunch for Denver, but in that four hours (would have been 4 hours 45 minutes if I wasn’t late) I had more phone calls, e-mails and people at my desk needing something from me than I had in any whole week of the nearly year I have worked there.  My guess is that everyone was trying to get everything off their desk before the long weekend.

Luckily I had the good sense to just leave at lunch and not come back.  The rest of the day and the trip out to Denver was uneventful, except for the fact that we hit Denver at rush hour traffic.  I drive 400 mile at 85 mph and I get 15 miles from Chris and Kathleen’s house and I can’t break into double-digits.  I expected that though, and the rest of the weekend was wonderful and the topic of my next post.

Monday morning we woke had a little breakfast and decide to head home, because I still have to fix the leaking faucet so we can use the water in our house.  The drive back was much like the drive out, then about 100 miles from home I changed lanes to get around a semi-truck and came face to face with a 2×4.  I tried to swerve to miss it, but failed and  hit that piece of lumber hard.  After Gillian had stopped screaming. I got pulled over to the side of the road and got out to assess the damage.  Flat tire, side wall destroyed, so I went about getting the jack out and putting on the spare.  Got the car up and the wheel bolts off, the tire should just come of right? Wrong, the wheel was fused to the hub, this is a BMW design flaw/feature, there is a lip that centers the wheel on the hub so you can line up the wheel bolts, bolts not nuts mind you.  Anyway it make the wheel unnecessarily tight to the hub and I stood there kicking it for nearly a half an hour.  Then a good Samaritan stop to help, he got out of his truck…and he was huge!  I mean like 350 pounds huge which is exactly what I needed.  After he tried for ten minute a State Trooper finally stopped and the three of us stood there on the side of the road, befuddled.

To make an already long story a little shorter, while Officer Moody and I discussed getting a tow truck, the big guy, never got his name, finally got the wheel off.  This was the first good thing to happen, we didn’t need a tow truck!

The rest of the trip home went fine though I worried the other tire, which had a slight bulge it, was going to blow.  We got home and with Mark’s help, he came down to drop off Gordie, I fixed the faucet.  After Mark left I got to sit down and relax, that is when I realize my cell phone was dead, battery would not charge, buttons would not work…dead.

So yea, that is my story and now I have a new cell phone.


2 Responses to “Then, The Wheel Didn’t Fall Off”

  1. Brandon Cave Says:


    I had the same issue with my car when I was putting on the winter tires. Mind you this is after we have already gotten a foot and a half of snow. The trick to get the wheel off is to drop it off the jack with the bolts off and turn the wheel to break it loose. Glad to hear that everything worked out.

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