So I turned 29 today….
First off, thanks to everyone for the birthday well wishes.  Secondly, a bit of trivia, Twitter was launched on March 21 2006, so that make me trendy, for as long as twitter is trendy.  Thirdly, now I have one more year until I completely fall apart, start having back pain due to sleeping wrong and complaining about those damn kids with their crazy music.
I’ll stop numbering my sentences now.  Honestly, I tried not to celebrate my birthday but people kept wishing me a happy birthday and asking what I was doing to celebrate, I guess I have more friends than I thought.
At about 3:30pm today we made plans to go out with Dustin and Jodi and there son Barrett at the newly opened Sam and Louie’s.  Grand Island doesn’t get new restaurants that often so it was nice to eat somewhere new.  The service was awful but the food was good, this is true about many places in GI.  We followed it up with an ice cream cake and a few drinks at Dustin and Jodi’s.  We were home by 8:30pm, it was a nice way to spend a birthday.
I really wanted to impart some sort of deep, poetic wisdom gained from my 29 years on earth here, but I find myself less wise than I thought I would be at this age.  All I know is the harder you fight the passing of time the faster it moves, so you might as well try to enjoy the ride.

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