Well I am 31 and I nearly missed it.  Nine days before my birthday our son, Callan, was born.  Needless to say my birthday party was the least of my concerns.  I remember being tired on my birthday, kind of like I am tired now…kind of like I have been tired since March 12, though I shouldn’t complain Callan has been a great baby.

The day after my birthday I did decide, fairly abruptly, to sell my car and buy something different…a 2006 Mercury Milan.  It doesn’t have quiet the prestige of the BMW but I got it for a good price and it has leather seats and a manual transmission.  With the money I got from the BMW we will be able to pay off the Subaru, hence the real reason I sold the car.  I do like the Merc but I die a little inside every time I tell someone I drive a Mercury Milan.  It is an old man’s car, I should be wearing a hat when ever I am driving it, because old men love to wear hats when they drive.

I guess I have always enjoyed the old-timey ways of doing things and I have been told on more than one occasion that I have an old soul, so now I have a car to match.  Rest assured I will own something far less sensible in the future, but right now sensible is the best course of action.

Not sure how this post about my birthday turned into a post about my car…maybe I am getting senile.  Anyway, thanks everyone for the birthday well wishes and if you see a Milan going way too fast in reverse it is probably just me trying to find the brake pedal.

P.S.  See me loss weight and hair through the ages here: 30, 29, 28, 27


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