Elena’s First Birthday: Some Assembly Required

Ok, so it was almost a month ago now (we have been a bit busy), but on June 30th 2011 our daughter celebrated her first birthday. We planned the party for Sunday the 3rd of July the day after the Frost 4th of July Extravaganza which was held on the 2nd, there was a little confusion about that in the beginning. The 4th on the 2nd was a good time as always but more people actually showed up for Elena’s party the next day, she is quite popular apparently. Hosting a one-year-olds birthday party was yet another adventure in parenting. Honestly, I think Gillian did most of the work but when it came to the toys, assembly is a Dad’s job. I had plenty to assemble too, a baby doll stroller, a water table and a little red car (Mark and Linda helped) all needed to be assembled…while Elena and her friends where trying to play with them. It adds an extra challenge when the parts and pieces and tools keep “wandering off”. Despite the fact that Elena was not feeling well, I think she had a good time or at least that is what I will tell her when she is older. As a thank you for everyone coming to her party, Elena gave nearly everyone a present of their own…the stomach flu. Thanks to everyone that came to celebrate our daughter’s special day and sorry for the rough Monday.


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    Elena’s First Birthday: Some Assembly Required | Frozenrobot

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