Not A Post About Germany

Big Changes

This should be a post about Gillian, Elena, Linda and I’s trip to Germany to visit Brandon and Erika and Dan and Ines, but it is not.

The Friday before we left for Germany I had a job  interview with a company in Omaha called Conductix Wampfler, no I didn’t make that name up.  Three days before coming home I was offered the job, via e-mail.  After spending the last three days of our trip a bit stressed out over the decision we had to make, I accepted the job.  This job is a great opportunity to further my career and use my professional license, it gets us to Omaha, where we have wanted to live for some time now, and it is an increase in pay.  The only problem is the news of moving to Omaha has completely over shadowed our trip to Germany.

I promise on the next few posts I will get into the details of our trip with all the run-on sentences and poor grammar you have come to love.

So needless to say we are selling our house, commuting is just not an option!  So if there is anyone in the Grand Island area looking for a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom ranch on the Southeast side of town, do I have the house for you!!

Gillian has started her job search as well and managed to line up three job interviews last Friday!  This is why I had to find a job first, Gillian is in much higher demand.  All three interviews went very well and I would not be surprised if she has three job offers next week.

Now we just need to sell our house (seriously buy our house!) and buy a new one…easy right?

Until I can get to blogging about our trip, head over to Erika’s Blog she put together a post about her hectic July, which has a nice summary of our trip.  As always I have hundreds of photos of the trip in my sets of Flickr.


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