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Parking Perfection

June 13, 2010
This weekend was Gillian’s baby shower.  Chris and Kathleen also came down for the weekend.  The ladies did their baby shower thing, me and the men (Chris, Retzer, Santi, and Dustin) hung out at Dustin’s house, ate pizza, drank beer while playing Polish horseshoes and Ladder ball.  Before I left to let the women do whatever you do at a baby shower, I made sure the driveway was filled to capacity.  For those of you keeping track at home that is a Subaru Legacy, Toyota Camry, Volkswagen Passat, Subaru Outback, GMC Sierra, and a Scion tC.  The fact that I was able to park this many vehicles in my driveway made me far more pleased than any man should be, about parked cars.
I was told the baby shower went well, and it was good to see Kathleen and Chris and the weekend went by way too fast.  Gillian is now 35 weeks pregnant so our lives will be changing in big way sooner than later and all the gifts will be a huge help.  Thank you to everyone who came out for Gillian party!

21st Century Baby

June 3, 2010

Some of you may have already noticed the “Elena” link in the side bar.  Yes, I have created a blog for our child.  So for those of you who don’t really care about my feelings on Mercury being discontinued or how to change the oil in a Subaru or how a homosexual French website is using a picture of my tattoo for one of their articles and just want to see pictures, videos and stories about our baby girl, please add to your favorites list.  For now think of the site as an online scrap book/baby book.  There will still be post about Elena and Gillian and I’s adventures in parenthood here, but it will be mixed in with things like how I am not too old to mosh!

E is for Elena

June 1, 2010

First off, if you could not tell from the above picture, we have decided on a name for our baby girl.  Elena, Elena Fordyce Frost to be exact.  With a baby name picked and with Gillian already being 33 weeks pregnant we decided it was time to decorated our daughters room.

Mermaid Quilt

Two weekends ago I painted the room formerly known as the office, a bright teal, I was surprised how much I really like the color. The Friday before Memorial Day, Marissa and Linda came down to help decorate.  Linda made a hanging quilt to go along with the ocean theme and Marissa hand painted all the letters and hot glued the sea creators, I stood on the ladder and was told where to stick everything to the wall.

Now after all this decorating, I really hope it is a girl.

A Weekend To Remember

May 19, 2010
Last weekend was packed full of memorable events, so I am going to try to remember them all and type them down here with links and what not, like I do.


May 5, 2010

So I have not updated this thing in a while so here is a shotgun approach to what has been going on.

Gillian is final starting to look pregnant, this makes me happy.

We took a trip out to Colorado to see Chris and Kathleen and Eppley and their new house.  For the most part we just hung out and caught up, nothing to exciting, we are getting old I guess. For some reason I didn’t take many pictures.  I wanted to take a picture of the Outback in its natural habitat…the Colorado Mountains, but never did for some reason, I did take this picture of children wearing gas masks though.  It was great to see Chris and Kathleen, and their new house is beautiful, you will just have to trust me.

This last weekend was very baby focused, I mean more so than normal. Friday, a large packaged showed up, to our surprise it was a car seat and stroller from my Aunt Mary.  I want to strap Nerf guns to either side, so it looks more like ED-209.  Thank you Aunt Mary!! and for the record, yes that was a RoboCop reference.  The rest of the weekend was one of our typical whirlwind trip to Lincoln/Omaha to visit all of our friends and family.  Saturday, we drove to Lincoln, Gillian went to Sarah’s baby shower, I helped Santi pick up their new coffee table and then we had lunch and drank beer, it was good.  After the shower, Gillian and I drove to Omaha to take pictures of Lyda going to prom, go out to dinner for mt sister’s birthday and help her assemble baby stuff and test my sister’s baby carriers, oh and I installed a new ceiling fan in my mom’s house.  On Sunday Santi’s parent, who were in from Argentina, wanted to buy us “something for the baby”.  We went to Nebraska Furniture Mart and picked out a glider, it is officially the nicest piece of furniture we own…Thank You, Juan and Maria!!  We then had lunch to celebrate Mark and Lyda’s birthday.

I am sure there has been plenty more that I am forgetting, but since most the people who read this where probably there, I don’t feel that bad for leaving something out.

Family Wagon

March 30, 2010

Last week Gillian and I bought a new 2010 Subaru Outback.  It makes us feel like adults, with a family vehicle.  We needed a vehicle that could fit both of us, a car seat, the dog, pull a camper, and still be fun to drive.  That last part is something most people just don’t really understand.

Boy oh Girl!

March 14, 2010
Last Thursday we had our ultrasound appointment.  We waited an entire hour in the ultrasound room and I got bored an started taking pictures of Gillian in the chair and the ultrasound machine, which has a lot of fun buttons.  Our doctor said everything looks good and healthy, then she had a hell of time trying to figure out the sex of the baby.  She said that she could not find any “boy parts” though she was moving around so much she was only 80% sure.  She literally did a back-flip while trying to figure out the sex..the baby, not the doctor.  Yesterday we set up the crib and changing table, the baby’s room is starting to come together.  Gillian is also starting to show a little more.  You can see all the baby picture here.  So we are having a girl and we are both very excited!  Though we will probably still bring a boy outfit to the hospital, just in case.